Cumberland River Victims' Services
A Program of Cumberland River Behavioral Health

Education Programs

All programs are free.  Please contact the Victims Services Office at 606 528-5286 to schedule a program.  If you need something that is not listed, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your need.


Being Safe in Pre-K                                        Pre-K
Good Touch, Bad Touch                                  Grades K-3
Treating Others the Way You                        Grades 1-3
        Want to be Treated
Bullying                                                           Grades K-12
Using Kind and Hurtful Words                        Grades 3-6
Sexual Harassment                                         Grades 4-6
Band Together against Bullying/Drugs            Grades 4-5
Step Up & Speak Up: A Program                     Grades 6-8
        About Respect, Bullying,
        & Harassment
Internet Safety for Junior High                    Grades 6-8
Transitioning to High School                           Grade 8
Preventing Teen Sexual Harassment               Ages 15-18
Internet Safety for Teens                             Grades 8-12
Healthy Relationships                                     High School
Dating Violence and Sexual Assault                High School
Stalking/Bullying                                            High School
Depression/Suicide Prevention                      High School
Preventing Child Abuse for Adults                Adults

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